Credentials & Biography

  • Bachelor of science -University of Georgia

  • Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine - Bastyr University in Washington State

  • Certified in Plant Based Nutrition - Cornell University and Certified Nutrition Specialist

  • Licensed Neurofeedback (Biofeedback EEG) Practitioner


How do I practice medicine? 

    I began my journey in healthcare looking for ways to help people that were both currently accepted and alternatives that had been clinically used for hundreds of years. I was taught at a young age to think about the body from a holistic perspective, and I spent 4 years studying the best ways to understand a person, integrative laboratory work and approaches to healthcare.

Naturopathic medicine is based on a philosophy to treat the cause of the concern by using the least invasive measures necessary. It is not simply learning integrative lab tests and then applying an integrative treatment. It is taking the whole person into consideration.

What I see as being most important in improving one’s quality of health is the way you think about what in a persons biochemistry, genetic make-up, and environment is creating a situation that causes them to feel poorly.  Why is their immune system overreacting to mold, why is their healthy bacterial content poor, how can we balance the hormones so that they don’t have cyclical symptoms such as urinary systems while no infectious organism is seen, headaches, cyst formation, mood swings, and how do we treat attentive concerns without pumping our children full of stimulants and anxiety without the risk of becoming apathetic.

The answers to someones health concerns are generally not black and white and have to do with the entirety of the person experiencing the concerns. 

When you are looking for a health care provider that practices alternative medicine, please keep in mind that naturopathic doctors have been studying and applying functional/integrative medical philosophies and therapies for almost 100 years.