Neurofeedback is also know as Biofeedback EEG. It falls under the umbrella term of biofeedback which incorporates EMG (for muscular complaints such as incontinence), HRV (used to combat stress, improve athletic performance, and improve cardiovascular function), and EEG( to address ADHD, Anxiety, Brain Injury associated complaints, Insomnia, and other concerns such as the inability to multi-task, impulsivity and verbal outbursts.).


While a number of practitioners use energy devices incorporating a metal hand-held wand, or other hand placement apparatus to discuss supplements and organ function and term this biofeedback, these devices are not under the heading of which biofeedback was originally founded and not what I am explaining in this section.


Biofeedback EEG is based on the learning theory of Operant Conditioning. Operant conditioning was a term used by B.F. Skinner and Edward Thorndike to examine how human beings learn.  Operant conditioning is also referred to as reward learning/training.  


Biofeedback EEG trains the human brain using the individual's EEG as a reference compared to a normative database and incorporates positive auditory and visual feedback.


Common Questions:

Am I certified by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA)?

Yes. I am additionally certified to read quantitative EEGs by the QEEG certification Board.


Do you combine other forms of biofeedback with neurofeedback training?

I often use HRV training in addition to neurofeedback training because research shows it is a more effective approach to include both types of training with some conditions.

What equipment do you use?

I use the Software from NeuroGuide and the amplifier by NeuroField.

If you would like to see how NeuroGuide has progressed over the last 15 years you can find that information here...

How long is the initial session and does this include brain mapping?

First sessions last 1hr to 1hr and 15minutes and do include brain mapping.

How long are follow-up sessions?

45 minutes

How many follow-up sessions do you attend a week?

Generally 2 training sessions a week

How many total sessions do I need?

The number of sessions needed depends on the person, goals, and initial Quantitative EEG though each patient generally starts out with 10 sessions before we re-evaluate. While some patients reach their goals with ten sessions others may need more.