Anxiety can manifest in many different situations. It may occur specifically before taking tests or maybe you notice it leading up to and during a performance or perhaps before you get on a plane or maybe you have just had a huge life change and you are having a hard time adjusting to the change.  

Perhaps your anxiety has led to panic and you find it hard to drive a car without wanting to jump out, or enter an elevator without making sure someone else is on it, or maybe you are just minding your own business in a loud and crowded restaurant when all of a sudden you feel a rush of panic approaching.

These feelings are much more common than most people realize and there are a large number of tools you can use to get your anxiety and/or panic under control. 

Lab tests can be ordered to look for causes of your anxiety.  Some general tests include screening for anemia, thyroid disorders, deficiency or excess in progesterone and estrogen, and hypoglycemia. Additional tests may include food intolerance labs.

Tools that decrease anxiety and help you cope when you are anxious include addressing conditions found with laboratory work-ups, Heart Rate Variability training, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, nutritional supplements that improve conversion of neurotransmitters needed to handle stressful situations, herbs that allow you to relax while also staying focused, neurofeedback training and changes in diet.

I spend time speaking with you about your fears, answering your questions, and explaining the physiological changes expected to take place based on the interventions used in your treatment plan.